Our “Fairy Tale” Story

It may have started out like “the beginning of a horror film”, but YOU are why there is a happy ending. BTW, Thank you for that!


~Marissa Hermer

We are thrilled that everyone who wears our Tilted Tiara tees knows they are getting an edgy, fun and humorous graphic tee. A shirt worthy of every hard working, under appreciated, Bad Ass Mom out there (aka You).
Before I created ‘Her Tilted Tiara‘ I was tackling the never ending list of ‘Honey Do’s‘ and just being a “butler” to my three bossy and beautiful children. (I love them so much more than coffee but please don’t ask me to prove it.)

Then one day the crap really hit the fan.

I was overwhelmed with the after school “taxi” service. The never ending “I’m hungry’s“. Picking up wrappers or trash that was literally being tossed on the floor. And finally, trying to get dinner ready so we could attempt to eat all together as a family before dividing to conquer the night schedule. I know you’ve been here too. (This is like the normal day for Moms Across America. Mamas that work outside the home have an additional layer to manage- yikes.) # Mom’s typical day

So what did I do?

I started laughing… I mean uncontrollably laughing. Did I look like I’d lost my “marbles”? Maybe, but I knew at that very moment if I didn’t start to laugh at it all I’d probably cry, (and what good would that have done, right?) So I started a self challenge to smile or laugh at the situation every time stuff got hard, (oh, yeah shit still kept happening; come on, I’m not a miracle worker.) But do you know what else happened? I found the problems easier to handle. My mind was clearer to find a solution. And when it is all said and done, looking back, some of the shit we Moms trudge through on a daily basis is funny as hell! (After the fact of course.)
As I began creating Her Tilted Tiara and designing all the humorous graphic tshirts just for Moms, I was concerned that “some people” would be offended by what the designs said. Then there was the fact that I really didn’t see how I would have the time or energy it would take to build a brand.

But then I joined a community of Moms.

My friend’s established tshirt brand had created a mom group and I found it to be a fabulous place to commiserate. Moms in the group would offer and seek advice or just share a funny story. There are nearly 50 thousand wonderful moms in this group “leaning” on each other for support. AWESOME! The only thing was, most of these moms were in the infant and toddler stage of their family and I was in the preschool, adolescent and teen era. Completely different issues than potty training (although my boys could use a refresher by the looks of my bathroom) and colic. While these topics were very important to me at one time, I had grown past that stage of parenthood. However, issues were there all the same and I wanted a group, similar to that, which would deal with topics around parenting older kids. Hence, It’s Wine O’clock Somewhere. (Click on the name to join us here. There’s no solicitation in this group.)
The more I interacted with our new group, the more I wanted to celebrate with all parents the hilarious moments we had experienced. I wanted Moms to have the opportunity to creatively express the “joys of parenting preteens/teens” through humorous apparel. They could use this playful clothing line to remind themselves and others that it’s OK not to take life too seriously, sometimes. And that’s how “Her Tilted Tiara” tees was born; out of the camaraderie the group shared.

It was sooo on…

I had my goal. I was excited about sharing with you the brand, we created together. I researched every free moment I got. What I found is that not one shop focused its designers exclusively on Mom’s apparel without branching over to kids too. Well I wanted Her Tilted Tiara to give its love and attention only to Moms. After all, “Moms” are so very important in every child’s life.
Through it all, we released our first tee shirt collection and the response has been totally “Bad Assary”. (PS. I’m declaring that a word if it isn’t already one.) So, please enjoy, as I dedicate this to you, Mama.

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