Meet Her Tilted Tiara

Meet Her Tilted Tiara

Being a mom can be an impossible task. You have to be the cook, cleaner, chauffeur, coach, and still be standing every single day. Moms are resilient to keep up the hard work, day in, day out. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get to us some days. On those days, that’s when you pour a drink. If that’s you at the end of the day, then Her Tilted Tiara is the women’s clothing store for you because it’s not just the store; it’s a community.

I made Her Tilted Tiara because I wanted to build a brand for all those moms that work their asses off and deserve a drink for their work at the end of the day. So I went to work, diving into mom groups and making the first designs that would turn into Her Tilted Tiara. And I came out with a product for the kind of moms we forget: the ones with kids who aren’t babies anymore. Being a new momma is difficult, but there’s not enough love for the moms with kids heading to kindergarten, with rebellious preteens who are about ready to have “The Talk,” or with soon to be legal adults that will always be your little baby. I made Her Tilted Tiara for those moms, and then we built that brand together.

In this blog, I want to talk about the ups and downs, the funny and frustrating, and all of the wild, wacky in-between sh!t so that, like this company, we can build a resource for those moms who really just need a drink right about now. No momma should feel alone just because they can’t use their toddler parenting guide any more. That’s not just the “How Do I Handle” situations either. Being a good mom isn’t just taking care of your kids, it’s taking care of yourself so you can take care of your kids. Most of the time you can do both at once, but sometimes it takes a drink and a night out with your girl friends. 

I plan to dive into the fun of making a night out happy, how to juggle your kids and their new milestones, and hopefully to make you laugh. As we move along, I want to take your stories and talk about the problems you need answers to and share your crazy mom stories. There are so many crazy mom stories, I can’t imagine I’ve heard them all, or have to the answers to everything. Which is why we need to work together to make this a resource that can really help moms because none of us have every single answer.

But that means I need the moms who have been there with me too. You built Her Tilted Tiara with me, and I believe we can build something amazing for moms everywhere too. If you’re interested in supporting that goal, join me on It’s Wine O’clock Somewhere or pick up a new shirt to support the work. Most importantly though, remember to laugh. You’ll get through this because that’s just what moms do.