I’m perfect AF – Funny Mom Life T-shirt

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You look
in this t shirt

so go out and show the world

You are having one of “those days”. You know the kind, right? You woke up early, went to the gym to workout, everything is on schedule and “the hair” is ON POINT. So you think, “hell yeah this is gonna be a good day!” You got the kids off to school on time, packed the most amazing lunch for yourself and “Hot” would be the term of choice to describe the shirt you’re styling, especially since you’ve come so far in your workouts.

There is no traffic on the roads, so the commute is a breeze. In your office, you look down to find you are wearing one black and one blue shoe. “Ok, you got this”, you think, “you still have your fun and sexy shirt” so I guess it’s lunch at your desk today, no problem. Looking around, you realize you forgot your “perfect meal” on the kitchen counter. Suddenly your phone rings and you find out your kid just threw all over his tee shirt at school. It’s all good because you recognize, “I am perfectly imperfect, and that’s what makes life interesting and hilariously Funny.”

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All the Deets:

  • Soft poly-cotton raglan tee
  • Loose fit with a delicate drape
  • Total “badass” for every girlfriend in your life
  • Snarky funny t shirt

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