I’mperfect AF- Any Way you look at it… I’m covered/tri-blend cotton tee

and I’m leading the way




Something about this feels

and I really like it

You got up in the morning, got dressed for work after the most perfect hot shower. You do your hair and makeup and look in the mirror to discover you are “having a good hair day”. (I mean that in itself is something to celebrate, am I right?) You go downstairs to get the rest of your family ready for school. Even though you aren’t a single mom (or maybe you are), you are the one that takes the reigns and gets stuff done- the “real life of a mom”, right? The kids lunches are packed (with a cute little love note from you), the breakfast is on the island (set with eggs, fruit and toast) and the book bags are sitting by the door. You are a Mom Boss. The Super Mom of all moms, right?! You are getting “shiznet” done and it’s only 8 am…

Suddenly you hear a buzz noise. A door slams. Kids are yelling “Maaaaaaaaam”. And that’s when you realize your 25 minutes late and need to bust a move.

PS. I found some quick tips to help you in the morning, Mama.


All the Deets:

  • This shirt says “I am whatever I want to be, so get out of my way”
  • Light weight tri-blend material with cotton/rayon/polyester
  • You feel more edgy, more confident and powerful when you wear this shirt because “no excuses are necessary”

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