Quiet only happens when I’m not on the phone- funny workout shirt

I swear it was completely silent a minute ago.




Because no one
until you get on the phone

I love being a mom because I no longer need TV for funny comic relief

Remember when you were a snarky kid and you saw your mom stretch that phone cord until it looked like it was gonna snap? She never seemed to find just the right quiet place to have a phone conversation. You can now totally relate as you are a mom yourself. Often you are found hiding in your closet, among your t-shirts and shoes, talking to your bestie on the phone, living that glamorous mom life. “Geez it’s like sneaking around as a teenager all over again. Thank goodness for cell phones. They are the ”fast getaway when your kids start a wrestling match in your family room while you’re trying to talk on the phone”, conversation saver. This is just another way that becoming a mom has changed my life.


Her Tilted Tiara does not endorse nor is an affiliate for any of the commercials seen on the above YouTube video.

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All the deets:

  • Buttery soft feel
  • Sleeveless for warmer weather or under a jacket
  • Relaxed drape fit and material 
  • 65/35 polyester/viscose, 
  • Loose fitting hem to style with a side knot
  • funny workout shirt
  • funny wrestling mom shirt

        Professionally printed by Badlime Promo Printing in Twinsburg, Ohio.  Packed with care and a dash of pizzazz (maybe a snarky comment too).                                         To find your perfect side, please use to “How to find your size” guide posted below.  

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