This Might Be Sweet Tea Southern comfort tee

it’s my little secret and I’ll never tell, ok maybe I’ll share my favorite sweet tea recipe with you MIM.




What could be better than a refreshing cup of sweet tea?

Spiked sweet tea

You are thinking that it’s just about time for some sweet tea and vodka”.   Shuttling your kids all over town for the day has been exhausting.  All you wanted to do was find them a community pool that wouldn’t charge you a week’s paycheck to swim for 8 hours.  Finally, you reach the furthest and cheapest pool from your house and now you get to listen to the overly sugared and obnoxious kids, including yours.  While watching the swarms of people that are most definitely peeing in the pool that your kid just took a huge gulp of water out of- you confidently think to yourself, “yeah, it’s tea time babe”.  The best part no one knows what’s in the glass you’re holding.  You are the only one has that secret, (and maybe the bartender if you bought it from one).

And in a pinch, if you all your “uber-trendy” Pinterest perfect mason jars are dirty, check out these fun drinking cups.

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Southern Sweet Tea recipe with a twist

Sweet tea is never chilled by ice; it’s only served over ice. Proper Southern etiquette dictates that tea be stored in the fridge at all times. Because the ice will melt slightly while the tea is being sipped, the tea is made a little stronger so watering down won’t ruin the day.

Photo by Brent Hofacker

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