Truth Tank

Because sometimes it hits you hard




Because Hell Yeah that’s what mom life be like

Mama said it now she’s wearing it on a tee

There is nothing better than slipping on the softest, coziest and warm sweatshirt after a long day as a stay at home mama. Wait, maybe it’s so perfectly comfortable that you wore it to bed last night and, now at 7 pm,you still have it on. #there’s nothing wrong with a mom sweatshirt and leggings kind of day. After sneaking looks at your social media accounts, (because you told the kids that screen time needs to be limited- but duh, that was just for the kids, right) watching tv (how in the hell did you get to put your show on? #goals) or talking to a friend, we have moments of pure “No Shit Sherlock” (also known as #truth). You get it. You’re living it. You’ve graduated to the “mom boss life”. Proudly say, “Yep, I own that t shirt”.

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