You can’t scare me I have a teenager- funny v-neck tshirt

Because there isn’t anything scarier than a teenagers room




Because sometimes they act

and figuring out who they woke up as today is just one way being a mom is fun

You, Mama, are wearing your snarky, funny, edgy, v-neck t-shirt and giving off the vibe: “Not even Freddy can scare you now that you have a teenager living in your house” t-shirt.  You’ve stopped trying to understand them altogether.  They are the funny, snarky, sleep all day, 10th wonder of the world. No matter what time of day it is, they smell. Their room looks like a bomb imploded on itself even after you swear it was clean yesterday. No really, do they ever shower, clean up after themselves or wash their t-shirts?  On how many hands would it take you to count the number of times you went to workout or dance and came home to a house that looks like Aerosmith had an after party and invited all their groupies except you?

Her Tilted Tiara does not endorse nor is affiliated with any of the commercials in the YouTube clip above.

I want a discount!

All the deets:

  • Edgy font
  • Truthbomb inspired caption
  • 50/25/25 polyester/ cotton/rayon
  • Semi-relaxed fit
  • Capped sleeves
  • Funny workout shirt
  • baseball mom drinking t-shirt 

         Professionally printed by Badlime Promo Printing in Twinsburg, Ohio.  Packed with care and a dash of pizzazz (maybe a snarky comment                             To find your perfect side, please use to “How to find your size” guide posted below.  

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