Today is All About You

If you're looking for a totally honest, no bull sh* t-shirt that celebrates the humorous side of mom life... then you are definitely in the right place.

"How does the saying go?" One gift for them two for me, right?

These Tees Aren't for "Prim & Proper" Mommies

Created for Mamas, by Mamas

Her Tilted Tiara likes to view life and parenting as a bunch funny moments strung together between a few serious ones and that is exactly what we celebrate in our graphic tees. Raw, uncensored and honest thoughts from parenting moments are “totally our jam”. Every design sold in the shopz has been created for and by Mamas that enjoy the Mom Life but aren’t afraid to curse.

Her Tilted Tiara is the first shop to exclusively focus its attention and designs towards moms. You won’t ever see some cute matching t-shirt for your baby to wear to the baseball game with you here. This shop is all about you mama. And we think you’re worth it.